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Welcome to Regulating Relations

Forming Families Inside and Outside of the Reach of the Law

Advances in IVF and Assisted Reproductive Technology mean that intending parents now have more options available to them when faced with infertility. Cross-border reproductive travel, or reproductive tourism, is now a recognised means form of family formation. Although some states of Australia prohibit some forms of cross border reproductive travel, Australians vote with their feet and find their own path to parenthood, often circumventing the law. Australians are among the largest users of interstate and overseas assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including sex selection, surrogacy, egg or embryo donation.

We are talking to people who have travelled, or thought about travelling, interstate or overseas in order to form a family and donors and those who have considered egg or embryo donation. We will also be talking to Artificial Reproductive Technology professionals and those involved in regulating Artificial Reproductive Technology in Australia. We will make recommendations for legal and policy changes based upon the information we gather.

Plane Travel

If you have travelled to form a family, you could help us by agreeing to be interviewed as part of this project.

Stored Embryo Report

If you want read the report from our previous research into Decision-Making Concerning Stored Embryos, Download Report.

Mixed Race Couple

Interested in being interviewed for this project? Click here.

Latest Project Updates

Happy Lesbian Couple

Regulating Relations

We have started interviewing participants about family formation. We are still recruiting participants and are particularly interested in interviewing people who have:

  • Travelled interstate or overseas to attempt to form a family
  • Engaged in genetic testing and / or sex selection
  • Donated or received donor eggs
  • Used gametes or embryos posthumously
  • Used surrogacy to form or attempt to form a family
  • Considered becoming a Gay Dad by using Cross Border Reproductive Care (CBRC)
  • Contacted recipients who have used the same donor

If you are interested in being interviewed or just want more information about the project:

Click Here

Stay Connected

  • Create connections and stay connected with people who are interested in the same area of family creation through Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Extend understanding of issues, ideas and challenges in this area¬†
  • Stay informed about our project
  • Stay informed about legal changes in the area

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