Are you an Australian who has travelled overseas for egg donation?

Every year, hundreds of Australian women travel abroad to achieve pregnancy with the help of a donor egg. Current destinations include Greece, Thailand, Spain, South Africa and the USA. This unique group of women are potentially the most under researched segment of the population of Australians travelling abroad to form their families. If successful, women return home pregnant and if all goes well the baby is then registered as her child with no record that this is a donor birth. While some women may choose to tell trusted friends and family, others may keep the entire process secret. The child may, or may not, be told they were conceived with the help of an egg donor but due to laws in these other countries the donor will very likely remain unidentifiable.

The Regulating Relations research team need to talk to women who have formed their families with the help of overseas donor eggs, sex selection or surrogacy. In order for us to better understand the risks and benefits of overseas treatment and what we need to change at home to make our system more accessible, please contact or call Michaela on 02 9514 3152.