Helpful Links

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

The NHMRC provides advice and guidelines in relation to ethical behaviour in health care and the conduct of health and medical research in Australia. Its website provides information about current Australian research projects in health as well as ethical guidelines and NHMRC reports on current and past health and medical research.

Reproductive Technology Council (WA)

The Reproductive Technology Council is the statutory body established under Western Australia’s Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991. Its website provides helpful links, information and news relevant to patients and fertility service providers in Western Australia.

Victorian Assisted Reproductive Authority (VARTA)

VARTA is the statutory body responsible for administering aspects of Victoria’s Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008. This website provides information and resources on the provision of and access to ART in Victoria.


Access is Australia’s peak national infertility network, providing support, information and advocacy for people affected by fertility issues. This website provides really useful information on the provision of Australian ART services and avenues for patient support.

Fertility Society of Australia

The Fertility Society of Australia represents scientists, doctors, researchers, nurses, consumers and counsellors involved in ART in Australia & New Zealand. This website contains helpful information for patients including lists of accredited ART providers by state.

UTS Law Faculty Research 

This website provides more information about our research as well as other studies conducted through the Law faculty at the University of Technology, Sydney. Here you will find links to researcher profiles and more information about what participation in our study will involve.

UTS Research

This website provides information about National and UTS-specific guidelines for the ethical conduct of research.

Latest Project Updates

Happy Lesbian Couple

Regulating Relations

We have started interviewing participants about family formation. We are still recruiting participants and are particularly interested in interviewing people who have:

  • Travelled interstate or overseas to attempt to form a family
  • Engaged in genetic testing and / or sex selection
  • Donated or received donor eggs
  • Used gametes or embryos posthumously
  • Used surrogacy to form or attempt to form a family
  • Considered becoming a Gay Dad by using Cross Border Reproductive Care (CBRC)
  • Contacted recipients who have used the same donor

If you are interested in being interviewed or just want more information about the project:

Click Here

Stay Connected

  • Create connections and stay connected with people who are interested in the same area of family creation through Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Extend understanding of issues, ideas and challenges in this area 
  • Stay informed about our project
  • Stay informed about legal changes in the area