Project Updates

Our current project is:

Regulating Relations: Forming Families Inside and Outside of the Reach of the Law.
The UTS Human Research Ethics Committee has granted ethics approval for our research – UTS HREC 2015000094. 

Media Articles:

Here you will find any media articles relating to our research. If you wish to get in touch with us for a press interview, please do so via e-mail or phone 02 9514 3152.

– Jenni Millbank has been interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald in relation to sex selection for non- medical purposes. To read that interview go to:

– On 30th July, Jenni Millbank took part in a debate on the breakfast show on Radio National on the ethics of IVF. You can listen to that debate on:

The National Health and Medical Research Council

The National Health and Medical Research Council is drafting new guidelines on ART. The consultation draft is open for public comments and seeks feedback on a number of issues including whether sex selection for non-medical purposes should be permitted.

Read the Consultation Draft

Happy Lesbian Couple

About Regulating Relations

We have started interviewing participants about family formation. We are still recruiting participants and are particularly interested in interviewing people who have:

  • Travelled interstate or overseas to attempt to form a family
  • Engaged in genetic testing and / or sex selection
  • Donated or received donor eggs
  • Used gametes or embryos posthumously
  • Used surrogacy to form or attempt to form a family
  • Considered becoming a Gay Dad by using Cross Border Reproductive Care (CBRC)
  • Contacted recipients who have used the same donor

If you are interested in being interviewed or just want more information about the project:

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  • Create connections and stay connected with people who are interested in the same area of family creation through Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Extend understanding of issues, ideas and challenges in this area 
  • Stay informed about our project
  • Stay informed about legal changes in the area